Livescribe Smartpen Note-taking Project 
 The Livescribe Smartpen Note-taking Project
Thanks to a grant from the Hopewell Valley Educational Foundation, my students this year will participate in a special project using Livescribe Smartpens to learn effective note-taking techniques.

Smartpens record audio as the students writes notes in a special-equipped "smart notebook". Later, the students can touch any part of their notes and hear the corresponding audio from that particular moment.

Also, students can hook their smartpens into a computer and publish an interactive web version of their notes called "pencasts". These pencasts feature the users notes which anyone can then click on and here the audio that corresponds to the particular note.
 Goals of the Project
The goals of this Livescribe Smartpen Note-taking project are manifold. Below are some of the highlights:

  • Helping Students to Take Better Notes Through Revision and Modelling: By reviewing audio of a lecture and comparing that audio to student notes, we can discuss strategies for more effective note-taking. Likewise, students will gain much by seeing examples of their peers' note-taking practices.


  • Providing Students with IEPs More Accurate Class Notes: Often a teacher's pre-preared notes for a class discussion ultimately do not reflect the course of the subsequent discussion, since teachers cannot always anticipate class questions, for instance. Pencasts of classroom notes will help students with who required pre-prepared classroom notes to have a more accurate version of the class discussions.
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