Project Democracy 
Project Democracy is pleased to announce its thirteenth year of student voting. Through this program, we are teaching our youth the importance of voting and helping them develop a lifelong habit of citizen participation. 

Project Democracy creates awareness of the importance of voting; it helps students understand the voting process and that their vote truly does make a difference. Student voting hours are 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. and is available at all Hopewell Valley designated voting locations. For more information or to become part of Project Democracy, contact Kim Bruno at or 609.737.0918. 

Voter Information

Information regarding polling locations for parents and students as well as voter registration and absentee ballots for those 18 years of age and over is available on the Voting Information web page.

School Questions

The 2012 school questions are shown below.  The winning selections (unofficial) are highlighted. 

Central High School

Should our annual Powder Puff football game continue to be played in the fall before the Thanksgiving break or should it be moved to the spring as an end-of-the-year culminating activity?

  1. Fall (before Thanksgiving)  
  2. Spring (end of year)

Timberlane Middle School

The students of Timberlane Middle School will vote for one of the following proposals:

  1. Have a Timberlane Night Off next year with no after-school activities or homework. This would be in addition to Hopewell Valley Night Off. 
  2. Allow students to use the blue tables outside to eat lunch. 
  3. Switch a teacher for the day. Teachers will teach different students for just one day. 

Bear Tavern Elementary

The students of Bear Tavern Elementary School will vote to name the five main hallways in Bear Tavern. Students will select their top five name choices; the ones receiving the highest number of votes will become the new hallway names.

  1. Trustworthy Trail
  2. Caring Court
  3. Respect Road
  4. Responsibility Row
  5. Perseverance Place
  6. Integrity Highway
  7. Wisdom Way
  8. Courage Court
  9. Citizenship Street
  10. Leadership Lane

Hopewell Elementary

The students of Hopewell Elementary School, in partnership with Christine's Hope for Kids, are collecting loose change. Which one of the following charities should be the recipient?

  1. Boys and Girls Club 
  2. East Trenton Center 
  3. Loaves and Fishes Community Soup Kitchen 
  4. Mt. Carmel Guild-Food and Services Organization 

Stony Brook Elementary

Stony Brook Elementary School students will vote for one of the following charities which will be adopted by the incoming kindergarten class (Stony Brook Class of 2018):

Pitch In for Baseball
Pitch in for Baseball's mission is to help kids all over the word by sharing the great game of baseball.

Magical Builders
Magical Builders is based on the philsophy that with the vision and talent of our children, we can greatly improve our communities by working together.

UNICEF is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized.

The students will be linked with this charity throughout their All-Star years.

Toll Gate Grammar

Toll Gate Grammar School students will vote to select the student-created t-shirt design to be featured on our Toll Gate All-American Field Day t-shirts.

 Choice 'A'

 Choice 'B'

Choice 'C'

Choice 'D'

Choice 'E'


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